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HP Recs: Time Travel & Alternate Dimensions


Time Travel


To the future


The Balance of Extremes   by Dragonfly Lily

{HP/ DM ~ post-Hogwarts, post-war ~ 14,409 words ~ NC-17}

Harry attends a party and wakes up with the last person he ever expected to sleep with.  

Time travel fic. Well-written, well characterised, and sweet.


Things That Seem   by Maeglin Yedi

(HP/DM ~ 6th Year ~ 22,448 words ~ NC-17}

A potion gone wrong. A desperate wish. A new future. And a...horse?

Alternate Dimension/future fic. Very well written, although I’d have liked better if some issues had been explored more.


Time Out of Place   by Cosmic

{HP/DM ~ 6th Year & post-Hogwarts ~ 90k words ~ M}

Harry wakes up with a throbbing head, but he soon realizes that a headache is the last thing he has to worry about. Suddenly, he is thrown into a world that is much like his own -- yet at the same time very different. Visions, Voldemort, potions, poison, fun, adventure and romance follow. And what part does Draco play in it all?

Time travel fic. Decently written, although things go a bit fast at first. There are also a some canon mistakes, Americanisms, a few odd grammar and word choices,  and the flow or the story is rather uneven at times. But otherwise, good.


To the present


Cartographer’s Craft   by Sam Storyteller     ~♥~

{HP/SB, RL/NT ~ 208,053 words ~ R}

In the summer after Harry's sixth year, Harry and Remus uncover a section of the Marauder's Map which has been hidden for the past twenty years, releasing a carbon copy of sixteen-year-old Sirius Black from its depths. As they prepare for the impending war, Sirius must find a place for himself in this new world, Harry must find a way to destroy Voldemort, and Remus must face his own past while trying to build a tenuous future with Tonks.

The premise stretches the imagination a little, but it’s very well written (of course) with an interesting plot, and the characterisation is brilliant.



To the past


Crumbling Pedestal   by Shivani

{HP/SS ~ various eras ~ 165,789 words ~ T}

Harry's date with Voldemort at the conclusion of the Triwizard tournament didn't go quite as planned. Fate steps in with a unique opportunity, offering Harry the chance to live and mature in the time of the founders. For a while, anyway.

Takes a while to find its pace, but otherwise well written, fascinating and complex.


Tempus   by Ravenna C. Tan

{HP/DM ~ 7th Year / pre-Marauders ~ 86,037 words ~ X}

Did you ever wonder where the Hogwarts disappearing corridors go--or when? When Harry Potter finds himself at Hogwarts in 1927 he never expected that the first person he would run into would be... Draco Malfoy??

Some parts are a little unbelievable, especially Harry’s rather laid-back reactions to several surprising discoveries, bu the plot is interesting and both writing and cahracters are well done.


Tempus Fugit Praeterhãc   by Quill Lumos     ~♥♥~

{HP/SS ~ Horcrux Hunt / pre-Founders ~ 94,607 words ~ M+}

Harry's Horcrux hunt leads him to Rome. However, he hadn't expected the sudden trip back through time thanks to a booby-trapped Diadem. Neither had Severus Snape, who gets dragged into the backlash of the spell. Now they're both stuck in the past, what are they going to do? Together they struggle to earn a living and have to learn to survive, whilst continuing to search for a way home.

Takes a chapter or two to find it’s stride, and Harry’s character is a bit sub for my tastes to begin with, but Snape is totally in character, warts and all. The times the story is set in are similarly portrayed; neither romanticised nor dismissed, and the details are fascinating. The ending is beautifully bittersweet - although it does make one wonder just how many pivotal historic events one pair of wizards can be involved in! I look forward to the sequel.




Alternate Dimensions


Draco Malfoy and the Tome of Entrapment   by Saber Shadowkat

{HP/DM ~ 7th Year ~ 59,862 words ~ PG}

Draco has been obsessed with Harry Potter since the beginning, but how did his hatred turn into his protecting Harry above even his own safety? One thing's for sure: being trapped in a book with the person you secretly loved wasn't a picnic.

Very well written, with great ideas, though the motivations are a little iffy at times. Characterisation is brilliant and the action is great, too - adventures in Wonderland style, with a nice edge of nasty realism. Enthralling.


Phantasmagoria   by Furiosity

{HP/DM ~ Horcrux Hunt ~ 28k words ~ NC-17}

There are other worlds beyond this one, but Harry is not looking for them. Far from it: he is only looking for the last Horcrux. Along the way, he meets someone he did not expect and finds a world he didn't know existed. It all sort of goes arse over tea kettle from there. Or perhaps not.

Very well written, some intriguing magical theory, and a good plot with just the right amount of drama.


No Way Back   by Meri

{HP/SS ~ 6th Year ~ 78,000 words ~ Adult}

Harry goes through a Mirror at the end of 5th Year and is changed by the experience

Excellent characterisation, good writing and a good plot, though is a bit basic


On The Last Day Of Our World   by Sansa     ~♥♥~

{HP/DM, SS/RL ~ 7th Year / Post-Hogwarts ~ 87,779 words ~ R}

During a detention, Harry and Draco get locked in a strange room together overnight. When they escape the next morning, they discover they are alone. Love, angst and adventure abound as they struggle to survive in an empty world.

Beautiful imagery and an intriguing premise.


Resort   by Forever then some     ~♥~

{HP/SS ~ 7th Year, post-war ~ 61,260 words ~ M}

It's the end of Seventh year, and everyone around Harry begins acting very strangely. Enemies are friends, friends are strangers, and Severus is...   

An interesting take on the alternate dimension idea. Good backstory, just the right amount of twist in the plot, and a beautiful ending.


A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing   by Mahaliem     ~♥~

{HP/DM ~ 7th Year ~ 38,228 words ~ R}

Draco hits his head and wakes to find himself in another world where he's a Gryffindor and Harry Potter is a Slytherin.    

Nicely written, well paced, balanced; characterisation is good without being too obvious. A good light read, with some brilliant humour.


Things That Seem   by Maeglin Yedi

(HP/DM ~ 6th Year ~ 22,448 words ~ NC-17}

A potion gone wrong. A desperate wish. A new future. And a...horse?

Alternate Dimension fic. Very well written, although I’d have liked better if some issues had been explored more.


A World Apart   by lolagirl

{DM/HG ~ 7th year ~ 139,673 words ~ T}

Draco Malfoy is visited by Hermione Granger in the middle of the night. But how is this possible? She's been dead for two months now... NOT a ghost story. 

Very nicely written, although the premise is rather incredible. Characterisation is very believable, and the dialogue, especially, is good fun.


Worlds Collide   by Fran the Phoenix 

{HP/DM ~ 6th Year ~ 94,855 words ~ R}

A Harry/Draco romance tale which features the following: a spell in an AU, The Great Gringotts Robbery, freak weather conditions in an alley-turned-cemetery, The Truth Hurting and Some Very Unlikely Alliances Indeed. 

Decently written, despite a few grammatical mishaps. Some of the ideas (especially about the paradox of alternate dimensions) are much fun, and there’s some LOL humour.




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